Getting Started

This video is a pretty good explanation of what we do here.  Main difference is we don’t use the IDPA equipment guidelines.  Instead we use USPSA, but don’t worry any gun allowed in IDPA would be fine here.  Just leave your cover garments at home.  Steel Challenge rules are located here.

What to bring

  • Eye and Ear protection
  • Pistol or pistol caliber rifle
  • Magazines
  • holster if shooting centerfire
  • Ammo – minimum round count is 125 if you don’t miss.  Bring 150+ you can always take the extra home.

When to be here

It is open registration from 4 pm to 6 pm almost every other Monday night.   Shooting starts at 4pm.  You just slide into a squad and start ringing steel.  Last shots fired at 7:30pm (new 2015 hours).

It takes less than 2 hours to shoot the match, and that includes plenty of time to joke around with friends as this is a laid back match.

Please arrive before 5:45pm if its your first time so you can get the safety brief, and join the Clark County Practical Shooting Club for only $30 per year. After that, match fee is $25, and $10 for the second gun.



How to Get here

Google directions Or just drive north on Decatur until you hit the range gate, then continue north towards the mountains.  When you find a red flag up and a bunch of people having a great time then you found the right spot.

Don’t worry about the sign that says the range is closed.  While we are open most every other Monday, please check the match calendar to be sure.  If we ever have to cancel a match last minute our phone line (702-708-5944) will be the first updated.  If we know about it in advance we will try to update this website’s calendar.


Isn’t Clark County Range closed on Mondays?

Yes the range you are used to is closed on Monday and Tuesday, but we rent it out to host this match, just drive around the sign.


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